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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: I am going to visit the Island in a week, can I book my rentals online?
A: Yes you can call us or use our online feature.
Q: Do I need a Valid Driver’s License to rent and operate any of the motorized vehicles?
A: Yes anyone driving is required to hold a valid license.
Q: Can I let my son/daughter drive the golf cart if he/she has a learners permit?
A: No, the driver is required to show proof of driving eligibility for their own safety and others
Q: Is it okay to ride the golf cart, moped or electric scooter on the sand or water?
A: No, motorized equipment is not allowed on the beach as per the city of South Padre Island
Q: Can I drink an alcoholic beverage while driving the golf cart or moped?
A: No. There is no drinking and driving permitted.
Q: Can we load more than the recommended amount of people on a golf cart?
A: We do not allow more than the recommended amount of people people on any golf cart including the driver, this is because we keep in mind the safety of our customers.
Q: Is it okay if I rent a golf cart out for my friend?
A: No it is not okay. We ask that the person who signs the rental agreement is in custody of the equipment from the time they rent it out, to their time of return.
Q: May I go faster than the speed limit?
A: Although, our golf carts and mopeds are allowed on the street, drivers are still required to obey all traffic laws and speed limits.

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